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  2. New 5-song EP available here.

  3. have some ptsd with your barbecue.

  4. The first of many live videos of my band shot on the last east coast tour. Please help me share this!

  5. Here’s an interview I did while on tour in NYC.

  6. Get my new album #blessed, for free when you buy this $12 shirt at gavincastleton.bandcamp.com/merch

    Limited supplies, y’all.

  7. I’m going on tour, Yo.

  8. Here is a tiny song about vulnerability.

  9. New song from #blessed.

  10. Click the photo for more details. 

    tickets available here: http://www.stubmatic.com/bottomofthehill/event/8137

  11. Here’s a new track from my upcoming mixtape, #blessed. 

  12. Lex Land, Brian Cass and I put together this cover of the Twin Peaks theme in hopes that it would help you would fall in love this Halloween. #blessed

  13. Here’s a new jam from my never-to-be-released mix tape, #Blessed.

  14. Here’s a new jam from my upcoming mixtape.

  15. She really gets me.