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  2. Kickstarter Is Broken, and It's All Our Fault. - GeekDad

  3. How Much Does Crowd Funding Cost Musicians?

  4. This is one of those instances of Kickstarter being a wonderful tool: 

  5. This is the fifth songs from my Won Over Frequency Fundraiser. The lyrics for this piece were inspired by Maya Peart’s recounting of the life and death of her beloved Bullmastiff, Hannah. Read more about the song-writing process here: http://gavincastleton.blogspot.com

  6. #4 of the Kickstarter “collaboration” tracks in which a Backer sends me lyrics and I produce a hit song out of them.  Read about the process here: http://gavincastleton.blogspot.com/2012/04/close-your-eyes-4th-installment-of.html