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  2. Matt Mahaffey discusses the happiness, the music industry, originality, commercial music, and pop songwriting. 

  3. The Disruption Machine

    I loved this article.

  4. The impulse to make a film has far outrun the impulse to go out and watch in a theater.

    Janet Pierson (head of the SXSW film festival)

  5. Vimeo Killed the Radio Star

    Lefsetz goes ballistic. 

  6. Here is part 2 of my “Girls of N.A.M.M. 2013” photo montage. 

  7. Here are some highlights from the 2013 N.A.M.M. Convention.

  8. An insightful interview with 1/2 of Pomplamoose

    I appreciate the candidness of such an intelligent musician as Jack Conte. 

  9. Crucial animated infographic.

  10. Still relevant.